True Vision is Disruptive and Effective!


What a great quote!

Especially if you are introducing a new and innovative approach that has nothing to do with the methods of the present “box”, AND it provides a quantum leap to the same desired outcome. I’d like to explore this in light of today’s project approaches and business processes and alternative transformational methods.

For example: In a stagnant environment, the same things are done repeatedly and unsuccessfully. IMHO, this puts the enterprise at the effect of their own myopia. Introducing not change, but a completely transformative approach outside the existing paradigm – as a separate track or model is the least risky and most effective way to lift the operation into a less clunky and more streamlined and elegant solution.

When an organization’s myopia prevents it from effective decisioning and operations, an outside change agent is required, not to fix what is broken, rather provide a transformative and efficient model. A well run Agile approach as a pilot or even a remote team providing the desired outcome from outside the operational model is the embodiment of Mr. Ford’s quote mentioned above.

Understanding the needed outcome and requirements and producing them in a “clean” environment not affected by the usual operational approach can produce astonishing results. So when considering investing in fixing what is broken, consider understanding what has contributed to that state, and implement innovative solutions that cannot be argued away by those clinging to the status quo.

Likely, you may find this approach provides:

1. more efficient coding, such as reducing 100,000 lines of code to less than 10,000 using clusters of powerful coding tools working in a congruent stack

2. consolidation of repetitive database calls that complicate and affect performance,

3. the use of a small, multi-disciplinary group of developers, business architects, leaders, UIX developers and testers all accountable for creating to a common outcome. In short, an Agile team of experienced resources.

4. Clearer vision from leadership as a result of asking the obvious, but often un-asked questions

5. Common sense observations that provide long term solutions instead of living with complex and innovative repairs to existing conundrums.

These are but a few considerations.

I think Mr. Ford said all this in one simple sentence!

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Bill Fulbright

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